Below we hope to answer a few questions that you might have.  If you don’t see it here, please feel free to ask us.  Click on any of the questions below to see the answer…

Which airport should I fly into?

“MSY” is the New Orleans airport.  We don’t know why the call sign is “MSY”.  It actually makes no sense. Seriously…did nobody realize that “NEW” was still available?  Anyways…that is where you need to fly in.


There is a private airport for any of you “ballers” that are joining us but we don’t know what it is, so you can have your butler figure it out.

Which hotel should i stay at?

When we decided to get married Nica did a search for the “Most expensive weekend to visit New Orleans” and decided to make it our wedding weekend.


Just kidding but we know it feels that way. We would love for everyone to stay at Harrah’s where the wedding is but we know it is expensive.  We have a limited room block there for Friday and Saturday night.


As an extensive traveler I suggest that you wait until the last minute to book your hotel and do it through Priceline.  Look on our ‘Hotels page for more details…


Where should I rent a car from?

If you are only coming in for the weekend and are staying in the city, you probably do not need to rent a car. Just about everything you need is within walking distance. You have Uber for everything else. Good news is that if you do decide to rent a car the rates are pretty good. The bad news is that parking at the hotels costs more than your daily rental rate.

Are there any activities planned for Thursday?

HELL YES!!!  We will be in New Orleans for our Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party.  We will give out some details when we get a little closer…

Are there any activities planned for Friday?

Friday morning has been set aside for hangover recovery but Friday night is the rehearsal dinner.  If you are supposed to be there we will let you know where.

Are there any activities planned for Sunday?

We hope that everyone will have a chance to recover from the wedding and enjoy a beautiful day in the city.  Enjoy!

Where can I find good pizza?

Next question…

What the F@#k is Turtle Soup?

It’s exactly what it sounds like…poor little fellas

Do Beads = Boobies?

Only after midnight on Bourbon St.  Happy hunting.  No need to bring your own beads, you can acquire them here.

Are there any drinks I need to have while in New Orleans?

There are two drinks that you have to try while you are in New Orleans:


The Hurricane – This drink has rum, rum, and more rum to ensure that you get highly intoxicated. They are served in every restaurant or bar about every 10 ft.


The Hand Grenade – This drink will damage you for life. One – will make you forget your name and Two – will end you up in jail. We will probably be serving these right before the ceremony to make it a bit more interesting  😆

Do they really have drive-thru daiquiri places??

YES THEY DO!  As long as they put a piece of scotch tape over the straw, it is not considered an open beverage.  Welcome to New Orleans!

Can I really walk anywhere with an open alcoholic beverage?

HELL YES YOU CAN!  Why do you think we live here?