Follow these step by step instructions and you WILL save money when you book your hotel. Remember that rates usually get cheaper as you get closer to the date.

First select the dates and location that you are looking at. Remember…rooms will get cheaper the closer you are to the date.

Next select “EXPRESS DEALS

Next select “French Quarter” under the “Hotel Area” section and then choose the “Star Rating” you want for the hotel. This will NOT give you the name of the hotel. You can flip back and forth from the regular deals and the express deals to figure out which hotel you are going to get based on the original price and number of stars.

Congratulations!! You just got a 4 Star hotel in a major city for only $67 a night! In this case it is the JW Marriott (We know because we do this a lot  😆 )

Click on Priceline below and try it for yourself….And…You’re welcome!